Monday, June 14, 2010

My 3-Day Weekend

It's that dreadful Monday morning and I'm sitting here wondering where my three day weekend went (had Friday off for Kamehameha day...glad to be Thursday seemed SO long to end while Friday, Saturday AND Sunday went by with a blink of an eye.
Hmm...Friday started at 4am, yup, 4...Jaylen had an All-Star baseball tournament and we were hosting the visiting Kauai contribution to the potluck...FORTY cups of rice. Rice was done, Jaylen and Jarrod was ready, Jaymason was dragging out of bed as usually, and for some reason, I don't remember get myself Get to the field, set-up, wait patiently, game starts, game ends, we win, we eat, we sit, and now it's Jaymason's turn. We load up the truck and head to UH for a football camp. We park, we sit, we wait, OH, he checks-in, and he's on the field. Chatter here, chatter there, trash talking, cheering, grumbling, yelling, all done...time to go home...with a BAD migraine. Get home about 7ish, take a hot shower, pop my pill, lie down, let's call it a night...
Saturday...oh, can get up a little later, no potluck but Jaylen needs to be at the field at 6:30am...ok, Jaylen, Jarrod and myself is good to go, and Jaymason was dragging out of bed again...grr...drop off Jaylen and Jarrod, go back home because I forgot something, oh, Starbucks, back to the field, game time, Jaylen's starting pitcher, umpire behind the plate is blind, coaches on other team are ignorant, oh and they decide to prove my point, love it, we win, we eat, we sit and again, it's Jaymason's turn now...but now, my migraine decides to come earlier...okay, I go home, send Jarrod and Jaymason off to UH, I shower, I wash the laundry (Jaylen plays on Sunday too-I LOVE WHITE BASEBALL PANTS), oh wait, Jaylen is home with me...ooops...hahaha...oh, and now he's hungry (he should've went with his dad...haha)...okay, hmm, dinner...I know, order pizza! Laundry done, all folded, pizza chic comes, we eat, we lounge, Jarrod and Jaymason come home (it's 8:30pm already) and I call it a night...
SUNDAY...I sit there wondering why in the world am I up by 6am...grr...ok, time to catch up on my foodnetwork channel...yay! Oh, mini drama starts, I end up going to visit Ehu (oh, and my, bathe dogs, wash screens, I sit, I eat, I play with the dog, get a phone call, and now gotta leave. Pick up Jaylen and Jarrod, drop them off, come back home to pick up Jaymason, and we're off to UH...Jaylen's team loses, Jarrod's upset, Jaymason is doing good, I'm happy I decided not to go to the baseball game, and now it's time to go home...I eat, I shower, I'm ready to go to bed and the door opens...oh, the boys are home...oh well, I'm about to call it a nite after a little pep chat with Jaylen...zzzz...the end, the weekend is it Friday yet?

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